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Weighing in at 10.5kg (23 pounds) the just released 3 volume book set, 'Ultimate Elvis : The Complete & Definitive Recording Sessions' is a never to be repeated 'event'. 


This massive set is in a beautiful slipcase and is LIMITED to only 2000 copies and comprises all the recording session details, with the help of the fantastic Keith Flynn and his superb research ... It also includes detailed discographies, reviews of every single, EP and album release, original release dates.


It also includes facsimiles of RCA's paperwork, session logs, listing notices, letters from Colonel Parker's office and RCA's archive, the reproduction of original sheet music covers, a huge index and a host of other things. And as you have come to expect from 'The Elvis Files', the icing on the cake is a wealth of stunning photographs - approximately 1500 of them! Enough that just on photos alone you want this set.

James Burton: 'These are the most beautiful books I have ever seen and the best researched'.

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